Womenalia achieved its registration goals thanks to its campaign of personalized video with Myme.

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Womenalia achieved its registration goals thanks to its campaign of personalized video with Myme.

Womenalia, the largest network of female Hispanic professionals and entrepreneurs, had an ambitious challenge: to promote a new course within their training program in an innovative and effective way. To achieve this, they resorted to one of Myme's templates and through impeccable creative strategy, they managed to develop a campaign that not only transmitted the basic points of the course, but also personalized the content, generating a unique experience for each affiliate.

The key to the success of the Womenalia campaign was personalization. They knew that in order to effectively connect with their audience, they had to create a message that was relevant and resonated with each of the women they were targeting. Therefore, they used each user's name, both in speech and graphic elements, achieving a sense of closeness and familiarity.

The video itself was a masterpiece of creativity. It not only limited itself to informing about the course contents, but also transmitted a feeling of inspiration and empowerment. Every user felt they were the protagonist of the story that Womenalia was telling, which created a strong emotional bond and created interest in being part of that experience.

But the campaign didn't stop there. To drive affiliate participation, a call to action was included at the end of the video. This CTA directed the audience to a registration landing page, where they could sign up to access the course. This strategic approach allowed the interest generated by the video to be converted into a concrete action, driving the main goal of the campaign.

The result of this innovative campaign was nothing less than extraordinary. The impact of personalization and emotional connection with the audience translated into a significant increase in the number of registrations. 30.2% of the users signed up for the course, far exceeding previous expectations and consolidating Womenalia's success in its training program.

With a strategy based on personalization, creativity, and a focus on the user experience, Womenalia once again showed their commitment to the growth and success of their community.

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