Chedraui was able to make its customers feel special on Valentine's Day

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Chedraui was able to make its customers feel special on Valentine's Day

Chedraui wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day in a very special way. They knew this was a key moment to connect emotionally with their customers and decided to do it through a personalized Myme video that would touch their hearts.

The key to the success of this campaign was personalization. Thanks to the flexibility offered by Myme, Chedraui was able to address each of its customers by name and present them with exclusive and relevant deals. This strategy allowed each customer to feel special and unique, generating a powerful emotional connection.

But the personalization was not limited to names. Segmentation of the database played a fundamental role in the success of the campaign. Chedraui was able to send deals tailored to the tastes and preferences of each customer, which significantly increased sales. Receiving deals that fit their needs made customers feel understood and attended to, generating loyalty and fidelity towards the brand.

The results speak for themselves. Chedraui's personalised campaign vastly outperformed its traditional campaigns. Traffic to its website rose by 31%, proving the positive impact of its personalisation strategy. Additionally, sales saw a remarkable increase (18%), confirming the power of emotionally engaging customers and providing them with tailor-made unique experiences suited to their tastes and needs.

Chedraui has once again demonstrated its ability to innovate and adapt to the needs and expectations of its customers. By leveraging the Myme technology and taking advantage of personalization, they have managed to strengthen their relationship with their users, generating a lasting impact on their business.

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