Thanks to Myme, McDonald's achieved a 44% conversion rate in its latest winback campaign.

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44%Conversion rate
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Thanks to Myme, McDonald's achieved a 44% conversion rate in its latest winback campaign.

McDonald's Mexico faced an exciting challenge: to recover their inactive users in a unique and personalized manner. To achieve this, they turned to Myme and created a winback campaign that gained the attention and interest of their dormant users.

But McDonald's didn't settle with just that. Using the opportunity to its fullest potential, they set out to show their users how to navigate their app and access exclusive deals. With a combination of the brand's own resources and the functionalities of its app, they provided an exceptional experience to guide their users through the McDonald's app.

The campaign began with a personalized touch that made a difference. McDonald's Mexico greeted their users by name, creating an instant connection and a sense of closeness. But they didn't stop there, they also offered a special deal through a QR code, inviting them to come back and rediscover the pleasure of McDonald's flavors.

Additionally, McDonald's used all of its knowledge and resources to provide an unmatched browsing experience, showing its users how to get the most out of the app and obtain more exclusive deals and benefits.

The result was amazing. The McDonald's Mexico campaign was a resounding success. Thanks to their focus on personalization and teaching app navigation, they managed to recover many of their inactive users, who returned to immerse themselves in the unique experience of McDonald's. This campaign is a clear example of how personalization and relevance can make a difference in a marketing strategy.

McDonald's Mexico once again showed their commitment to providing exceptional experiences. With Myme as a strategic partner, they won over the hearts of their inactive users and guided them towards a culinary journey filled with surprises and rewards.

In summary, this McDonald's campaign is a testament to the power of personalization and shows how a unique and personalized approach can make a difference and revive the lost connection with dormant users.

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