When Message Personalization is the Key published on Ctrl Control Publicidad

When Message Personalization is the Key

The following article is a transcription of the piece on Myme published in the Ctrl Control Publicidad magazine in September 2023 (Issue No. 713).

Personalizing communications is one of those tools that facilitates a better connection with audiences in a context where advertising saturation is a problem. However, not all companies have this capability. Myme aims to democratize such tools, allowing even small businesses to access them. Víctor Arenas Blanco, Product Director at Myme, tells us how.

How did Myme come into existence, and what is its proposition?

Myme was born in 2023 as part of the Snippet Group business conglomerate. It is a Spanish startup that democratizes personalized video marketing, offering the possibility to create unique videos for each client easily and at scale.

Who is Myme targeting, in terms of companies or sectors?

Myme caters to all types of companies looking to run video marketing campaigns to promote their products or services or change the way they communicate with their customers. This includes small businesses, marketing agencies, communication departments, and more. Through its proprietary Lip-Sync voice dictation technology, which enables the creation of personalized ads for each potential customer, Myme targets marketing and communication agencies aiming to elevate their clients or companies to a higher level.

In an era where consumers demand more personalized messages, how is Myme being received in the market?

Though we are in the midst of our launch, we have already collaborated with companies like Womenalia and McDonald's Mexico, yielding very positive results. It is proven that campaigns with personalized videos significantly increase recipient interest. For example, with Womenalia, we achieved a 72% complete video view rate and a conversion rate of 30.5%, and with McDonald's Mexico, the conversion reached 44%.

What kind of advertiser is demanding your services the most?

Myme's advertisers are diverse, encompassing any company wanting to take a step further in communicating with their customer community, needing to capture attention in a less traditional manner. In the age of video marketing, where companies strive for innovation, the challenge arises when that innovation comes with substantial, unaffordable costs. With Myme, we manage to reach those advertisers by making our service accessible.

What do you consider to be your unique value proposition?

We have our own Lip-Sync (voice dictation) technology, tested by Snippet Group, our business conglomerate with extensive experience in video marketing and the creator of various campaigns for Real Madrid, among others. We understand that not all companies have such extensive resources for personalized video marketing campaigns, so we've created a startup that offers the same service with some differences in production. Our platform can generate thousands of personalized videos in a matter of minutes. Through our templates covering 95% of any company's communication needs, we provide an easy, effective, and cost-efficient way to avoid high production costs.

What are the main challenges you face?

We face an increasingly demanding consumer and the need for immediacy at any given moment. We must adapt our messages to maintain the recipient's interest and meet their expectations regarding personalization and quality.

What are your short and long-term goals?

Once established in Spain, our goal is to expand to Latin America and the United States in the coming months. Additionally, we plan to incorporate new features and personalized templates to adapt to market demands and continue to be leaders in personalized video marketing.

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