#DiscoveringTalents: Luis Felipe Paz, Full Stack Developer at Myme

#DiscoveringTalents: Luis Felipe Paz, Full Stack Developer at Myme

In this #DiscoveringTalents interview, we'll get to know Luis Felipe, our talented Full Stack Developer. We'll uncover how he joined the company, how his team is organized, his short and long-term goals, and what motivates him about the project. Additionally, we'll delve into his alignment with the company's values and how his role adds value to his professional life.

How did you come to join Myme?

My entry into Myme happened at a quite interesting juncture. After spending the last 5 years of my life evolving as a research engineer in photonic engineering, I recently discovered my desire to steer my professional career toward technology. My interest in software development was nurtured during my doctoral years, where I had to create small scripts for device design. I would say it was precisely at that moment when I started delving deep into product development, having collaborated with startups and individuals on mobile and web application development as a freelancer.

How is your team organized?

The technology team is comprised of a highly multidisciplinary group of professionals, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaborative spirit. We aim to be interchangeable in our specific roles. Our idea is for everyone to have the ability to perform tasks in each other's domain, which is wonderful because it allows us to comprehend and contribute to the team in all areas covered by the department.

We work closely with Myme's Product team, but we also collaborate with departments across various areas such as accounts, creativity, design, UX, and marketing. We promote good task management practices and efficiency to ensure the entire Myme team's success in facing the technological challenges of developing the startup's product.

What are your short and long-term goals?

My short-term goal is to continue contributing to the technological advancement of Myme's product by adding new features, ultimately aiming to gain the trust and satisfaction of users who believe in Myme.

Long-term, I aspire to remain part of the Myme team until I witness its disruption in the video marketing sector.

What motivates you about the Myme project?

Both the business idea and the technologies we use to develop the product are fascinating. The technological challenge we faced in developing the application was significant, and this is just the beginning! There's still much to do, and many innovative ideas we've been working on for months will soon be available.

How do you identify with the company's values? If you could choose one, which would it be and why?

Being a startup, there are two values, in particular, that I believe all team members share: hard work and constant effort, and a curious and innovative mindset.

Honestly, I'll go with both because that's what makes us great, not just as a team within Myme but as individual professionals.

What does your position bring to your professional life?

Growth. In the Technology team, we've built a very pleasant environment where there's no room for individualism, and where learning and personal development are easily achievable due to the excellent working atmosphere.

What sets you apart from others?

Honestly, I don't believe I possess extraordinary skills or qualities that others don't have or can't develop in the future. However, I could highlight that I love analyzing challenges in detail, and I usually demonstrate a solid commitment and tireless determination to successfully complete assigned tasks.

If you could say something to your college self, what would it be?

I would tell myself that Maxwell's equations, Friedel-Crafts alkylation, and quantum chemistry are beautiful and exciting, but start learning to code now, it's the future! No, seriously. I'm not a big advocate of the idea of changing or disrupting the past because everything helps us in some way. The only thing I would tell my past self, summed up in one sentence is: "Don't worry about things beyond your control."

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